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Rose petals

wild child 2003

"For the record, I have been reading poetry for over 30 years. And may I say, with whatever credibility that experience has earned, I have rarely found a poem as powerfully haunting as this poem. It has both a gentle wistfulness, and a powerful firmness, that create, in a combination, a dynamic reading experience. In my opinion, this is not only the finest of Kiota's poems, it is also one of the most important poems to be posted at PostPoems." (2003-07-12)



You caught a glimpse of her,
when she was first born
in the moss-covered ruins
of my heart.

She thrived there,
growing wild among the thorny bushes
in the vines
that wrap around the cracked, ancient stones.

I buried her once,
when i thought
i had no need of her protection.

But fear now,
for the ghost-child
of my heart
has risen again. (2003-05-14)

*Jeriel wrote the critique, he was a fan and frequent reader of Ki's work, leaving short notes for her here and there, this is his longest comment. Ki posted "Child" at the same time she did "Broken Bird" and "Midnight Dancer", so all date from May 2003 or earlier.

Max Sauco is a "Russian photographer known by his erotic, surrealistic photographic works." In 2008 Sauco published "Fern Flower", which strikes me as a perfect companion image to this poem. Sauco loves monkeys, I do not if they pull focus from the subjects, which happens here -- but I am not Sauco.

There is so much there (and in Ki's work) about death and rebirth as one girl comes out of the "cracked, ancient stones" to claim her living prey and be caressed.

A flower or two upon your transform.

The link for us: (if this does not take you direct, tab is 'gallery' and image is third from the L under 2008)