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doing my hair

it doesn't make any sense to me

(parts of an LJ convo between Ki and her Friend *Nurit on 2005-08-27 and 08-28):

He acts like I'm a bad influence on my siblings. Like if the subject of homosexuality comes up. If they ask a question and I answer it. Like, how can lesbians have babies? Or can they get married? Seriously, my dad snaps at me for saying that in some places lesbians can get married.

Or like now. I'm on the laptop because I'm feeling like shit and need distraction. I'm in my room, my siblings are outside, I pulled the shades down most of the way, and he comes and tells me to pull them down all the way, because my siblings are coming up (And they might see into my room, and GODS FORBID they know I'm on the computer.)

I'm feeling bitchy atm. Forgive me.

If it makes you feel any better, my mom is insane.

When she found out my little sister is a lesbian, she approached me(ugh, I regret EVER letting it come out that I'm bisexual). She asked me if she was a bad parent, because none of her children are normal. She thinks I corrupted my sister. AND, she tells me that my sister and I MUST be lesbians because we listen to show tunes and spend so much time together. There's really something wrong with her.

Sometimes I wonder if homophobia will EVER cease to be a problem.

Homosexuality/bisexuality IS normal. x.x

Whaat... she thinks that you and your sister are lesbians because you spend so much time together, so you must be fucking each other? O.o

I agree that it is normal, but that's what my mom thinks. It's annoying. Yeah, I guess my mom thinks we're fucking. Well, maybe not, but she at least thinks we just talk about chicks, and influence each other. @_@ It doesn't make any sense to me.


Ki had come out to her parents when she was 14, she's 16 as she posts here.

In America right now, today, our Supreme Court heard arguments on gay/lesbian marriage. Our American states are something like provinces in Canada or NL -- here, we have fifty of them and 30 of them say lesbian marriage is just fine. Four states say exactly the opposite. Activists in those states complain that their freedoms are being denied, it's a violation of our Constitution.

Some reasons in America that the word and status of "marriage/married" is so important is that you get a lot of social rights guaranteed and if you bear/adopt kids, their rights are guaranteed, the two of you are legally defined as "parents", as a couple with a family you can qualify for Federal support programs (food, healthcare) and a favorable tax scale.

Back in 1967 the same Supreme Court said "The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men."

That 1967 decision barred all the states from saying blacks could not marry whites; Chinese, Eskimos; Polynesians, Africans... any one race coupled with any other race. Because the nation has a moral obligation to LEGALLY guarantee your right to be free to choose whom you love, and build your life with.

This new Court decision is expected in a couple of months.

Lesbians married in one state might travel to another state, if one gets sick, the other one gets barred from her hospital room because in the second state they might not be married legally. Supreme Court is being asked to fix crap like that.

Ki is all about freedom in a whole bunch of things. Without freedom you ultimately do not have any art. No photos, no poems, short stories, anything. If you are told what to write/paint/compose --- and what NOT to. If you are told what you can and cannot tell your sisters.

She comes to us with her freely-composed fiction, pictures, songs, term papers with freely-directed research. She is doing the directing.

And free choice to love other girls. And her free choice to make one exception through her hookups with her Dutch boyfriend Ruud.

"I study whatever the hell I want," she once said of her college program.

For me, these freedoms have always been part of her inner radiance. And, I'm sure, her light reaches many others among her Friends. Timelessly.

Celebrating that permanent radiance tonight.

Blessings Be from Silverplate88/Brad