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Spectrum cone

Burning Dreams

Another song, also written quickly and easily. It is a companion to my novel-in-progress, Burning Dreams. :) I especially like the music to this, which is partly original and partly improvisation, and can be found at (Ki put the link here, after 12 years it no longer works.) There is no need to stick to the exact notes written, however, as I play with a slightly different rhythm and some flowery trills and the like. (posted 2003-07-16)

It started with a spark
just a little tendril of fire.
But then -- hark!
my dreams are aflame,
there's nothing to claim.


Burning dreams, burning dreams
going up in smoke.
Everything that gleams
Is dulled by the ashes
of my burning dreams.

Day used to be clear,
the sky bright and blue.
Now it is clouded with fear,
as the heavens storm,
and dreams deform... (Chorus)

Nothing left to hope for
nothing to give me light,
not anymore...
Nothing left to wish upon,
for everything, everything is gone..

(Final Chorus)


One of her European Friends commented:"This is a masterpiece."