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I can't keep falling forever

suddenly stilled of flight

Version 2.0 Written literally on the spot.
Blah blah blah.


I have fallen from this place
they call heaven,
feeling the
brief rush of cold air,
a mortal feeling.
I welcome it,
even welcome the pain
before it envelops and

Suddenly stilled of flight
strange feelings
never felt before
pain both of body
and of soul.
I try to rise
never having trouble
but wings hang,
for a fallen angel
does not fly again.

Fallen angel,
strange concept.
I thought angels were



One of a collection of 22 poems Ki posted at the PostPoems site --- which removed them since Ki was an 'inactive member' as of 2012 or 2013 when the PP editors redesigned their webpages and storage..

Your co-Mods do not like that one bit, we're at work building a new site where her poetry will be re-recorded as originally posted and kept safe. When finished, we will write a new link here to take you over there.

There is a survivor recovery book called "Strong at the Broken Places", I bet more than one of you has a copy.

Some crashed angels DO turn out to be immortal, of course: their wings are restored, they emerge again, re-grown better than they ever were. They take off and soar around all over the place.

One angel in particular.