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kiotaweapon 1 pen

strangers they have never met but know


Grief is a curious thing
The way tears fall
When ducts are stimulated
The way strangers weep
For strangers
They have never met
But know.

When did we acquire
The intelligence
To grieve?


This was written right after the explosion of the Columbia shuttle, for Ilan Ramon.




Ki also wrote a companion poem to this one, titled "Mourn You", on the same topic.

Col. Ilan Ramon, IAF (Israel Air Force) fighter pilot, was the first Israeli chosen to join a space-shuttle flight crew. Their rocket lifted off in January 2003 and the acceleration knocked a piece of insulation off the main fuel tank, which bounced off the left wing. It put a hole in it. Tiny, but big enough to let in high-velocity gases at high heat, on re-entry, which first burned off the wing and then caused the whole spacecraft to come apart. 01 February 2003. All seven crewmembers were killed. For Israel, it was a national tragedy.

Colonel Ramon kept a journal in space. They eventually found maybe 37 pages of it in a piece of wreckage and scattered around the debris field --- they'd survived explosive heat sixty kM above the earth, the fall from there, atmospheric cold, attacked by micro-organisms on the ground. One curator said it was incredible they survived when their author had not. "There is no rational explanation."

His wife Rona consulted the National Museum for restoration.


Ki wrote, then posted a couple of days before she turned 14.

In less than five years, she would be gone too. Two months after that, her LJ would be erased.

Except from our hearts. No rational explanation for that, either, heh.

"The way strangers weep/For strangers/They have never met/But know"? A way that Ki lived. Then, and now.

Ki did just that, "the way tears fall", for many of us, all different reasons, all different countries, same tears silently spreading from one pair of soft, compassionate eyes.

IRL = "in real life" = depends on your definition of real. Yes?

These present days, right now today this Monday, the IAF Colonel and our Poet still fly around just fine, thank you.

They leave some facets in memorials, more facets not... facets like the durability of diamonds, far away from all wreckages.

Peace and safehugs to you from Brad/Silverplate88