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when your world is swathed in shadow

............To See.............

Eyes search, they dart
Greedily drink in the sights
Gather the colors, the shapes
And reveal a little of their keeper.

Some say
The eyes are windows
To the soul --
Showing little, showing much.

Voices carry on wind
Echo in the mountains
Echo in the hills
Fill the air with music.

A word is said swiftly,
Disappearing into the wind.
But not forgotten, never forgotten
Forever, a word lives.

But when the world
Stumbles in darkness,
Without a light to lead their way

When the world is silent
Shivering in sudden quiet
Straining, desperately, for a single word
Without a sound to show them ahead

Then, only the blind can see
See, without color or light.
Then, only the deaf can hear,
Listening to silent music.

When your world is swathed in shadow,
Ask the night how light to bring.
And when your world seems to have gone mad
Ask the mad dreamer for advice.

You will see.

(2003-04-28) Um... Yeah.


One of a group of poems posted the same day, at the end of her 14th year. Posted then, but she had written them earlier. Some, much earlier, "when I was 11 or 12."

Who Ki was speaking of as "the mad dreamer" is something for each one of us to decide for herself.

Ask the night.

Um... Yeah.