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Anna's Birthday Tomorrow

Many of us will stop to think about Anna tomorrow.  It is her birthday.  She would have been 22 years old.

She accomplished so much in  her short life.  She touched so many people through her words & actions.  She was so kind & generous.  Like many of us, she found it hard to be kind to herself.  She felt that she didn't deserve it.

She was so very wrong.

We love her still.  She made the lives of many of us bearable.  She was loved more than she will ever know.

Brad wrote an entry about Anna & her upcoming birthday.  He spoke about the marriage between Prince William & Kate Middleton.  They spoke about helping others less fortunate than themselves.  This is exactly how Anna was.  She helped those less fortunate than she.

Link to entry: silverplate88.livejournal.com/122832.html

I hope that all of us can show others a little bit of compassion tomorrow as a way to show Anna that she is not forgotten.  She loved to help others.  She will live on through us.


Can I ask who's running this journal?

Thank you for doing it, whoever you are.
I am running this journal. I didn't think it right that she be erased from the world, so I am doing what I can to make sure she's still here. She saved my life, so I am trying to do what I can to make it clear that hers is still important.
Well, thank you for doing this. I was so gutted to see her username had been taken again, and then so happy to see her name and icons everywhere.
yes, thank you for doing this. seeing that icon again...really struck a cord...