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kiotaweapon 1 pen

I'd take a pig

Well, if pigs could fly... this is a personal favorite of mine.

...........If Pigs Could Fly...........

If pigs could fly
I'd take a pig
with a friend or five
speak of the times before
when the moon was not
blue cheese and
hell was fire

when dragons were myth
fairies only in fairytales

when rain was only water
never kittens or poodles or fish

when man still fought man.

How everything changed
when the first pig
floated slowly off the earth

the time before

when they locked up people like us
for daring to dream

and pigs
could not

fly --


A personal favorite of mine, too.

Right down the straat, half-a-block, on the corner from where I lived in NL, there was this biggie toy store with large windows, toys for kids of all ages. In the biggest window was suspended this large pink pig made as a kite, maybe four meters wide by three tall, framed on a kiteframe, big curly tail tail. You could go fly your own pig instead of just flying some ordinary kite. A very long spool of kite-line comes with.

(In NL nothing is ordinary.)

This immediately made me think of Ki's poem.
The store is gone now but the piggie-memory is certainly not.

Flash forward to last December, here comes this geek T-shirt catalog, one had an image profile of a surprised pig with speed-lines trailing out behind, the slogan said "They will fly if you apply enough thrust". It was toooo funny and toooo expensive, otherwise I'd be wearing it right now as I type.

So piggie keeps on floating slowly off, as do dreamers.

For "people like us", of course there is more than one kind of flying.

Takes a little practice, no?

Depends who you're flying alongside.

And whose wings are right there under yours.