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rainbow hearts

tempt it, lure it to you

This is my first and only attempt at rhyming... it was just one of those poems that seem to flow out onto the paper.
(2003-04-28) (the first PostPoem in the series of 22-- 7:49 in the morning)

===========CATCH A SONG============

If you want to catch a song
You must be well equipped:
Cajole it, tempt it, lure it to you
But trust must not be tripped.

It is not simple, to catch a song
It flits, it flies, like hummingbirds.
Wings move too fast to see:
A flying nest of words.

But you can catch one,
If you're prepared to try.
Willing to tend for it
For without care, it will die.

Set it on your windowsill
So it can feel fresh air
Speak to it, sing to it
Let it out when the day is fair.

When your writing bursts to flower
You will know you have finished your song.
Let it go and fly again, let it sing your story,
For a song of heart can do no wrong.

Take these words,
Remember them well:
Catch a song, but set it free --
It has a story to tell.