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dancing danger, dance of flame


I am a fire
a flame, enraged spark
glowing, growing
burning bright in the shadows
smoldering in my heart.
Fire dancing before my eyes
layers of battling red and void
dancing danger, dance of flame
mesmerizing, hypnotizing,
will-o-the-wisp, leading me astray.

Flame wishes freedom
raging, crazing,
I can see only flame:
the whole world afire
heat touches and consumes.

I watch my mirror-twin
eyes have color no more
only flame and flame's void
heart's burning:
shaking, breaking
but this spell will break no more.


Reflections after burning my arm and my inner thigh. This was done during geometry class, just scribbled down on a scrap of paper while the teacher explained the properties of a square.

Please forgive me if this poem is a little confusing.

(2003-05-04 at five minutes past three in the morning)