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I can't keep falling forever

I held you in the night.

Wrote a long time ago (why don't I have anything recent?) about age eleven, as a result of writing a fantasy story called "Music of The Unicorns."

============TO FALL============

I was the wind beneath your wings
I was the one who flew below
I was the one who would catch you
Should you fall.

I was the protector,
The keeper,
I steadied your wings.

When you were born I watched you crawl
I held you in the night.
When you were born I taught you
To fly.

I carried your troubles,
Your worries,
I gave you wind to glide.

Then you left me,
Left me before you were ready,
For a future you did not know.

Then you were gone,
Spinning downwards,
Without me to catch you,




Umm... who ends up being "gone" might be relative. Not sure about unicorns, but... as I always believe, she finds who needs her and also who is open to being caught, feeling the wind, yielding to having your sorrows being carried. One of my favorite 'shares' is from another Friend, who told about feeling a little tap on her shoulder this time of year (April) and knowing immediately why. And, who.

Ooop?? Was THAT a unicorn vaporing her way through the trees in our yard just now? Very quick--- going right into/out of the treetrunks in this morning-hazy sun of Mother's Day??

...Naaaah, they're only mythical, right? Must be something wrong with my glasses.

Eeeep, Brad, you and your stories.