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Autumn Whisperings

April 8, 2008 omg this is exciting

omgomg. when are we meeting???? I have a class from seven to nine-thirty.So anytime before that. Or after that. You'll be on campus, right? OMG. Do you want to get coffee? Or you could come over to my place and I could have a spliff and babble at you all excitedly (though it would have to be in my small messymessy room because of my bitchy roommate...) I can pick you up from Red Square. How bout I take you from there to the cafe' (it's open to ten-thirty and has really yummy drinks, including hempacchinos which are made with hemp milk, and my personal favorite, chai tea with milk) and then head down to the smoker's tent, where all the cool kids hang out, so I can have my post-coffee cig and introduce you to everyone (if you're interested, and don't mind cigarette smoke), then head up to my apartment where I will introduce you as "Brad-he's-not-a-cop" and hustle you into my messy room before they can freak out? Or is there anything specific you want to see, etc.?

omg. :D this is exciting.


Well, yes, there was something specific I wanted to see... she who was writing the email.

Some background : at Evergreen, Red Square is the wide expanse of paved ground where several buildings face on it, including the library. The downtown/uptown bus stops are along the roadway which borders one side of it. It's kinda the center of campus, walkways lead from it to all the rest of the buildings and dorms.

The cafe' was closed, special hours at the time, no evening hours, this had been true for some weeks.

The ref to 'not-a-cop' partly refers to unannounced visits from dorm security, which had happened there, looking for stash and other violations...

We never got to the 'smoker's tent'; her suite was empty, we went there for food which she cooked.
Roomies showed up 90 minutes later, around 12:30, and were very welcoming (surprise? ...) The "bitchy roommate" turned out to be a performance artist who had gotten a gig in a cafe' in New York City that next coming weekend, she wanted to perform it for me to get my feedback (my showbiz background and all..), so she did, Ki and I sat beside one another on the couch.

Soyeah. And...??? ????

Why I want to share this is to give a sense of the excitement and joy, Ki was totally stoked. We both were. The future ended right there at that present April 8 night, tragedies would build and come later (sadly, it would be only a little later).

It's easy to get swallowed up in the big picture of sexual attacks, and lonelinesses, and suicide preps, and SI, all the rest of it. Little moments get masked, their light grows dimmer..

But my hunch is that each of us has at least one moment we treasure, we want so badly/eagerly to meet a friend we know only through cyberspace (or have nor seen in FOREVER, yep) ..., and there it is... Different places, different people, same resonance. Private to each one of us.

omg. this is STILL exciting.

May yours be for you. Then and always.