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Autumn Whisperings

today I adopted

This is Brad - LJ UserID silverplate88 -- wanting to share part of an Email Ki wrote me on February 17, a few weeks before she left us.

Ki: ..."Today I adopted a 17-year-old girl. I've been lecturing her on how she should be living her life (doing what she's passionate about! going to college so she can draw comics for a living and and do what she loves, moving out of her fairly abusive house, etc.), and I'm planning on having her visit after she turns eighteen (around May) and will be loaning her $100 so she can afford to fly over here.  It's so fun.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and stuff. XD I really hope I'm able to mentor kids in Cambodia (in the sense that I see mentoring, which is like being a big brother/sister to someone, or like a trusted teacher) in the same way that I can mentor kids online... see, there IS that language barrier, how can I mentor someone whose language I don't speak? I can, in a way, but it's much more difficult and not really the same..."

She allowed me to get involved in some of her planning for this.

I could then --- and still do now --- see the two of them as roommates in college that next fall.

What resonates vividly across six years is her eagerness and excitement at helping another sexual attack victim, almost her own age -- helping in a very practical way and helping face-to-face. It's like she wrote those words yesterday. Or this coming Wednesday April 30, her 25th birthday.

That kind of excitement was SO there when I visited her on campus. And it's here now, too. From her. She has the luxury of not counting numbers nor mortal birthdays anymore, as we do here.

There's lots more info about Ki and Cambodia on the main page of this memorial journal. One of my LJ entries, including a pic of four of the kids in the orphanage, is at http://silverplate88.livejournal.com/118714.html

I said in 2010 "For me what most vividly live on are her dreams of creativity and of helping."

Same in 2014. And always, really...


I cannot thank you enough for continuing to write about her and keeping her memory alive.
Thank YOU, Kitten. She's spread a very full table for us to commune with her, a timeless one -- hasn't she... Ki means many things to many people, and all of us are timelessly welcome if we are open to listen, or to see, or to feel her, to share with her.

I have never felt that I really keep any memory alive, it's Ki doing that for each of us. But you are welcome --- you are part of the bridge...

As I hope you know.

<3 Brad