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kiotaweapon 1 pen

it seems to me most strange

...Brad (co-Mod) posting:

Shakespeare has Julius Caesar reflect:

"Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come."

This was in the 1590's or so, the history-tragedy performed down through the years at multitudes of high schools, I bet many of us have watched it/been in its cast/discussed it in English class...

...Ki had a rough form of drug therapy worked out, which she was attempting to get started with, in her last weeks with us. She got permission to use pot under controlled medical conditions, permission coming from both her own parents and her mom's parents, in early 2008. Then her pdoc at the time refused to sign off on it, no prescriptions GAAH. Ki fired the pdoc, and gave up temporarily... and did not have enough time left to pursue it further. Toxic fallout events from her PTSD... seeking yet another pdoc required Ki to go through all the pain of telling her story again, all over again, as the new pdoc would be taking a new-patient psych history workup, standard in counseling. And Ki just simply recoiled from all of that, "I start crying."

I posted that in my own personal J (not LJ) on 2011-02-26 from Holland.

Prolonging your creative life. Yes. In spite of all the terrors roving around inside her, Ki kept creating up into the last moments, giving another artist permission to turn one of her photos into an acrylic rendering by that artist for exhibit purposes, which indeed occurred later in 2008, after April... permission only a few hours ahead of her last Saturday night.

You just ARE what matters to you. I keep coming back to this, but it's a constant comfort to me (and, really, to us all) that she could have easily erased all of her photo art and her writing by hitting the DEL key a few last times --- and she chose not to --- so it all could be left into the days ahead for those of us who might care to enjoy it.

Many of us have worked (over?) (above?) (around?) all kinds of physical/emotional terrors, our personal demons. She's posted about this in her own LJ so it's not a deep dark secret... but one of us has been wheelchair-confined from a birth defect requiring multiple painful surgeries, and she's written a number of things, one winning a regional award where she lives. And a long-time cyberFamily Friend to Ki.

Not really the best place for this b/c our space here belongs to Kiota, but just to mention this --- it is coming up on four-thirty in the morning as I'm visiting here, from the east coast of America... exploring the delights of antibiotic drug interactions to dance with advanced cancer, two effects are that my clock gets turned inside out (when I can sleep at all) and I get to meet a lot of people in the ER (four ambulance trips in the last 26 days). Some of those clowns sport MD's and are really secret salesmen for the bodyBag industry, so when I find out in time, I fire them with a Kiota-like delight (though our situations -- hers and mine -- are totally different.)

So from Will's ravenous Romans to today's buggies, whatever variety they are in your life... L'Chaim, ="to life" = in Hebrew and in any language at all.

Especially in "dead" languages which are not really dead at all. Just like the photographers/writers/dancers/tunesmiths who use them. All the time.