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Rotterdam HS

wouldn't THAT be fun!

from Brad:

I kept a personal diary of our visit and one reason to do that was to send a copy to her parents so I could perhaps bring them along with me... atm they were half the world away at home in Israel.

(Tuesday 2008-04-08)

"I'd finished attending a book event in downtown Olympia and we decided, on the phone, that we didn't want to wait any longer to meet, even though I didn't get to campus until 10:15 in the evening. It was cold and rainy and I don't know why I thought she'd have trouble finding me, I was the only person in front of the library and Red Square was empty (it's a BIG square.) She walked up out of the gloom and said, "Brad?" and it was the first time either of us had heard the other's voice (without a cell.) We went to the dorm; all of the roommates had left and she giggled because she said 'That gives me lots of time to think up the right words to tell them you're not a cop!' [well, at least, not anymore.] She immediately went to the kitchen to make me toast, juice, coffee, munchies, more toast [but not all at the same time.] I thought, 'I've found the perfect hostess here, I should adopt her quick and take her back to the East Coast!' There wasn't enough she could do for me foodwise, it seemed. I was amazed at all of her caring...

While I was working my way through all of that, she rather shyly said, "Can I show you my drawings?" -- but she already had them in her hands, large newsprint sheets. They were charcoal figure sketches and outlines from her Intro to Figure Study class (which she had just started) and she showed me what she thought had gone well and what hadn't; I asked, "How do you fix this curve?" She said,--

"Throw the sheet away and start over? Or, sometimes, I just mess it up by drawing lines over it and that makes it all artistic."

me: Was it hard for your model to hold poses?
Ki: I dunno, the prof made her get into some weird postures and told us to draw fast..I might ask them if I could model but my body isn't the right shape. They'd probably tell me that. Besides, I'd rather watch THEM! I tried not to drool over their nipples.
me: Yeah, you posted about that.

me: Does the prof let you pose them?
Ki: No. not yet, it's a real beginning class. But wouldn't THAT be fun! We're gonna do that later in the quarter, maybe.

We looked at big circles for arm muscles and shoulders, and trapezoids for chests and long sweeping swirly curves for legs. There was lots of energy but not much finesse [yet.]


And on. What that night and the next three days turned out to be was like being at the edge of a tornado (one hopped over me once, while I was doing theatre in Texas, and believe me, you never forget THAT either if it happens to you... the funnel landed about one mile either side of me and if I had been just slightly in a different place, or caught out on the road driving, the years after that day would not ever have happened.) ... Anyway, Ki was like that: a whirlwind of passions and also great intelligence, when we were in the tutor-to-student mode it was fascinating to listen to her theories --- on lots of things --- develop: and at times the tutor-to-student relation got reversed, let me tell you.

Words just barely fit the telling of all this, they burst.

Sometimes it happens that all those energies get too big for your body / blast shield / pressure vessel / to contain. Happens in physics, happens in life.

Inside the lab you get a big mess.

Outside you get angels.