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redblue on blue

twee tiener altijd

Brad: That's Dutch for "two teenagers always."

the graphics: http://silverplate88.livejournal.com/96454.html

I first posted this in late December, 2008, when I'd only been in Holland less than three weeks.

The world-famous portrait by Johannes Ver Meer was untitled, more like a label: "Girl With A Pearl Earring."

The NOT world-famous portrait was of Anna by Anna, she slid it into her AG account because many Gamers were begging for a photo, she didn't like it because it was "too grainy" (if the comments section is linked out there to the post, you'll see that too.)

She always preferred to be behind the camera, thinking herself not beautiful at all nor camera-worthy.

In the fascinating movie of the same name made from Tracy Chevalier's book, the maid is called Griet.(We don't know what her real name was, maybe Mrs V deleted it from the art records hmmmmmm.)

IRL Griet travels all over the world for exhibits but her home is the Mauritshuis museum in den Haag. About four blocks from where I lived.

Four blocks??? Had no idea. It's a coincidence. It's not a coincidence.

When I stood in front of Griet, 1665, I was transfixed... literally. The painting is kinda small, lots tinier than much of JVM's work, and she's saddled with this ornate baroque gold-on-gold-on-gold frame that's almost bigger than she is.

Lots of patrons tell you that as you walk around that gallery room, her eyes follow you. No matter what your angle is, she's looking at you. Left-brainers study the painter's technique and amount of eye shading and brightness, the mixtures, flake of paint by flake of paint. (If you were 350 years old, you'd be flaky too.) Right-brainers have flowers-in-the field days thinking about what she meant to the master painter, what they had just been saying, and WTF - how did Griet wind up wearing a piece of Mama Vermeer's best jewelry?

Well. we do have a single big brain, room for all of that and whatever floats your boat (an apt saying for NL, heh.)

Her eyes follow you? ...and it was true. You'll see if you ever get to be in the same room with her, she tours America and the UK now and then.

Griet and Ki? Sisters, no. Cousins, sure. Resemblance.

Coincidence? Yes. And, no.

Anyway, Griet is ambered in time to look at you always.

Ki is ambered in time too, grainy texture and all.

Sometimes time is a bridge that widens, curves, disappears, re-appears, narrows. Is there always room for you? Depends on you. And whose wings lift you how far and how often.

Legend has it that John was so broke and worried about how to feed his BIGBIG family --- 12 kids or so -- that he died of hypertension and Mrs V had to give a lot of his work to the baker to pay bread debts.

Art for bread. Don't we see that from time to time on our 2015 streets??

Well. Some bread feeds you for a long time.

It follows you around the room.