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doing my hair

Eurgh, she's a complicated person

See... with all the trouble she's been through, she cannot stand people calling her a liar. Or saying she's a slut -- possibly because her stepfather basically prostituted her when she was a kid.

Anyway... she went and lay on her bed and wouldn't move, wouldn't speak. I hugged her for awhile, then she moved a way a few times, I got the point, left. Was pretty worried for a while that she was pissed at me. I asked her -- she shook her head no.

Then she stopped talking for a while... and I was worried she wouldn't start again for a long time. Sharon had really hurt her. She started talking at night though, and I think she's okay now, more or less.

I hope she's okay with me... she told this guy Yoel that we're breaking up --- I asked her about it and she said it was just because he was pissing her off, going OMGLESBIANSEW, etc., etc. And that she doesn't want to break up. I still worry though. If I hug her too much. If I kiss her too much, or not enough. Etc., etc. Eurgh, she's a complicated person.

I'm doing some whoring today.



One of the more celebrated girl2girl love stories to come out of Europe recently is in the film "Birth of the Octopuses" or "Birth of the Octopi". Released in the West as "Water Lilies".

It stars three actresses, one who plays Marie is the French youth Pauline Acquart, who was all of 13 in Fall 2006 when they were filming. And why we should care about that is that Miss Acquart is a mirror image of Kiota at that age -- not physically, but certainly face-wise.

So if you care to see how Ki looked then, rent the film! Or just google Pauline Acquart and enjoy the images.

The story is about a complex love-triangle/quadrangle among/between the grrls and one boy, a water-polo male team highschool student, who's the target of one of the (bisexual) grrls... the girl who teases Marie b/c Marie is very VERY hot for her. And this is at the same time that Marie is in a relationship, kindasorta, with the third grrl (also bi.)

Well, that's confusing, and the characters are confused too, paddling around in simmering and icycold hormones. What is straightforwardly gorgeous is the filming -- it follows a champion synchronized-swimming highschool team in and out of sports competitions, with fascinating underwater camera work where Marie/Pauline does all of her own stunts, or most of them.

The relationships grow so full of lovelorn angst that suicide is contemplated, and I won't tell you what happens, because I don't want to spoil it for you... they shot two endings and tested both of them in front of live audiences. Celine explains in her DVD Director's notes.

And I just find the metaphors totally awesome (surprise, surprise.) The octopus part (French = title is "Naissance des pieuvres") comes from the eight members of a synchro swim team, eight tentacles on an octopus, it's how they get their food (of many varieties, heh)... and a lot of the underwater photography (and the surface-level shooting) emphasizes the sixteen waving legs of the grrls' team. whirling and writhing, (literal) trying to keep exactly precise positioning, and (human) showing you about sexual ecstasies.

The director Celine Sciamma shot in her own hometown, she was 27 and on her first film, she had been on a swim team right there at Cergy, a suburb of Paris.

Water is a metaphor even in the showers, played sensually and with excitement by Marie and others.

Some fave bits of mine:

"Your friend's acting like a slut again.
-She's not my friend.
-You're better off."

[Team captain re a coach:] "Always seeing me half-naked drives him mad. We kissed once, which hasn't helped. I only did it to aggravate the bitches.
-So they're all bitches?
-They don't like me, so I don't like them. Girls don't like me."

"If he finds out I'm not a real slut, it's over. [her popular reputation]
-Go horseback riding then.
-That's to have abortions."

".. and when you die, the last thing you see is printed in your eye -- like a photo.
-There must be a lot of ceilings."

Marie/Kiota: "Who cares about being normal?"

[from a casting call screen test:]

{Adele playing team captain}: "Close your eyes.
{Pauline, playing young waterbug}: Why?
-It's a game. Just close your eyes.
[Paulie does]
-Now tell me something you wouldn't tell me with your eyes open.
-The first time someone will kiss me, I will close my eyes and think of you."

French with English subtitles. The dialogue is very spare, Celine is all about images and silent-reaction shots.
The first time through, you won't be looking at the script anyway.

Film opened in the USA at the San Francisco International Film Festival on April 24.


By that April opening night:

Kiota, 18 and timeless.

Pauline, 13 and timeless. (P has gone on to make a number of European films and to perform on various stages, atm today she's part-time in art school at 22.

13, 18, numbers games.

It's really all in the rhythms and moistures and who's on your diet.