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Rotterdam HS

isn't that the point?

One of Ki's favorite expressions was "What's the point?"

She said it a lot on (or, about) ProgressiveU, a blog pointed toward intellectual debate among students of all stripes, HS-college-grad school-beyond, where lots of ideas got exchanged re a bunch of different topics.

She said it in class. (When she wasn't feeling over-shy, which unfortunately was most of the time.)

She said it to me in bed. When we got all rambly (no, it was MEEEE that got all rambly, she could out-spliff any ten people, seemed to me)!!! ...ohh, the aromatic memories.

She said it when she got pissed at someone/anyone whose mind and logic couldn't keep up with hers {which was a WHOLE lotta people!}

Which of us was the student and which the tutor/mentor?

Well...uhm... stay tuned about that, there seems to be some snow on the channel... besides, class is remaining in session!

Besides these IRL, from when our journeys physically mated for four days, my own fave comes from the lady Feylectric, which was her old LJ UserID, who died of complications of lymphoma some years ago (at maybe 32, very different than Ki at 13) --- the drugs which were supposed to save her ended up killing her--- but Fey's LJ entries were wisdom that Ki knew and adored (and replied to)... this was 2003... even though the two of them would never meet f2f. Fey's pen name was Sibyl Glory DeFord, and as she went back into the hospital for what would become her last time, she journaled ---

**I really don't know what's going to happen to me now, (this marrow transplant is dangerous.) But that's not the point. Isn't it actually the point to enjoy the journey along the way, who you are right now and where you are today in your journey? Isn't that what it means?**


Some classes do not end, especially the good ones, and their teachers go right on, they live in our memory, each of us has our special, personal ones.

They'll take different forms, but some journeys do not end either.

Especially the good ones.