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Olympus Sureshot

like a duck to water

The icon is Ki looking into the view display of her Olympus SureShot on a shoot in Holland.

Brad writing: over the weekend I was chatting with my co-Mod Otter and I talked about where Ki and I were going with her photography in the future. It occurred to me that probably you never knew about any of this, so I wanted to record it here:

"The main connection between Ki and me and THE VORTEX, my home theatre, is that three days before I flew to meet Ki, I was in Austin meeting with the Producing Artistic Director, we were working out the details for a photo exhibit and reception for Ki when she came back from Cambodia. I would rent space in the theatre, they would host a reception for her, her photos would be displayed in the theatre gallery for awhile, she could report all this to Evergreen and it would look tremendous on her academic resumes.

The exhibition was set for Fall 2008 or Spring 2009. The theatre has a very strong Lesbian and artistic vibe, they were ALL eager to meet her, I think she would have been SO welcomed that she would have taken to it like a duck to water. She has relatives in Dallas, so that's close, and her grandfather would be invited from Idaho. The VORTEX is always eager to meet new artists and to host new work. They got excited about some of KI's prints I was able to show them.

This all came down nine days before she was going to leave us... the last weekend previous to that.."

It would have been her first public exhibition anywhere...

I'm all excited currently, seven and a half years later, because in three weeks I will again fly out to Olympia, travel to Evergreen, and go out doing some of the things we never got to do... one will be doing a photoshoot in the woods, down the trails toward -- and at -- the Pacific coastline which is part of the campus... Of course she will be right there at my side, guiding my new camera, as she always has.

Blessings Be from Brad