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Autumn Whisperings

Psalm 91: I honor your embrace

Psalm 91 is "frequently part of Jewish funeral rites."

I adapted and expanded the text to honor another LJer, UserID Lotus82, whose memorial page is still up, the last time I looked. Lois called Evergreen Security to try to find out information on and after Sunday April 13 when Ki had made her final response to her LJ farewell post. Lois had been stonewalled because she was not identified as a family member. This continued into midweek when Dean of Students Phyllis Lane made the announcement.

"She has delivered you from the snares of the trappers
And from your deadly pestilence;
She has enwrapped you with Her colors
And deep inside Her wings She caresses you with ceaseless safety
Within your new dwelling.
Within the refuge of Her blessings and powers
You no longer fear the terrors of the night
Nor the rockets that fly by day,
Nor your diseases that stalked you in darkness,
Nor the heat that parched you at noon.
She has given you into Her Angels' charge
To protect you on all your new journeys together.
And upon their wings have They borne you upwards,
Far above the stones on which you have stumbled,
Far above the hungers of the animals who have torn you.

I have rescued you, never to part asunder,
And I honor your embrace, one breast into another.
I have joined you into life everlasting
That you both dwell in the shelters of the Most High
And abide in the firelight of the Almighty
So shall I comfort you with My peace beyond the end of days."

I intend no disrespect to Psalm 91 at all, nor to the Christian Bible, not to any of the Songs of King David, which is what the psalms are. I simply felt a correspondence between some of the feelings of the Psalmist and Lois + Kiota.

The reference to "rockets" is of course anachronistic, refers to Ki's poem / short story / song lyrics "To The Stars", one of her favourites which she played on her guitar.

The breast embrace refers to a photo, now lost, that Ki once made of the two of them; she used a timed-release, snuggled up to Lois inside a clothes closet, backlighted their silhouettes, and produced an intimate shadowplay image of their two profiles.

Both Lois and Ki suffered with PTSD from sexual attacks as children / early teenagers; both were Jewish; both went through depression, eating disorders; both were bisexual. What speaks loudly to me across the years was that Lois, dying from the effects of Cystic Fibrosis, was really too sick to go out in the streets of Be'er Sheba to party at New Year's when 2010 turned into 2011; she said to hell with it, I wanna have a rocking good time, and she did. In January she collapsed and on 25 Feb 2011 she died in-hospital from organ failure due to CF complications. She was 29, her last bday had been 22 Dec.


R. Tagore, from GITANJALI: "I have come to the brink of eternity from which nothing can vanish: not hope, not happiness, not the vision of a face seen through tears. Oh, dip my emptied life into that ocean, plunge it into the deepest fullness..."


"may her memory be for a blessing", phrase used by Rabbis in the Jewish memorial service, it is the promise of spiritual companionship near the end that gives us hope.

Blessings Be from Brad / Silverplate88
posting on the last afternoon before flying back, and forward, to Evergreen to have tea and make images with Ms. al'Astraya. Filled with peace.


I read both of their ljs for a long time though rarely posted on either. They are both missed. This was a lovely post.
Thank you, Shiny.

I actually experienced this situation where I was able to meet both of them f2f in the same year, only months apart.

A single special time in my life where the time and the money and the Guidance all came together at once.

Very aware of that while it was happening, lots more aware of it now...

Blessings Be from Brad