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Autumn Whisperings

BGNINGS and activate love

Brad at Evergreen returning:

BGNINGS is the vanity license plate on a Jeep next to the front door of my hotel, loved it, hurried to take photos before it disappeared with a guest. But it didn't. Belongs to someone on the staff. The front grille and that plate stare at me through my front window, about six feet away, it's the first thing I see in the morning. The state of Washington, USA, restricts your plate to seven characters. You pay extra to get that spelling, it's why governments here (and of course in the EU) love them.

BGNINGS are what our life is all about now, it's not just a memorial to April 2008 or October 2007 anymore...

These mornings start at about 39F/8C and days get to 77F/25C, WTF, I brought heavy coats and raingear, would rather it be -20F/-29C.

We'll have rain later this week and I want it when we trail down to the Pacific coast on campus.

Evergreen's Fall student count, they're just figuring out, classes started just Monday week ago, 28 Sept, these days there's Drop/Add, all that stuff. Last year's freshling count was 1527 admitted, 543 showed up. Class of 2018. Class of 2011 was Kiota's, this time 8 years ago she had about 630 kids entering alongside her...

Her creative writing classes are only about half full now, were she a current freshling she could get in --- permission required, instr has to admit you, same thing in Oct 2007.

Kiota's table was very full -- falling into love and lust and into bed with a new girl (who lived off-campus) two weeks ahead of her first class while balancing an LDR with boyfriend in Belgium/Holland; adapting to new friends and roommates almost all of whom came through high schools in the USA and had no idea what the experience of alternative HS education meant in Israel, and did not care much; sending one of her photo clients / mentors a full reading list, to the Univ of Vermont at Burlington School of Medicine (that would be Brad) a continent away across the USA, asking for his evaluations and suggestions; establishing drug connections on campus (which had been all too easy, she marveled to me f2f that she could easily get stash delivered to her dorm room if her order was large enough)...

Just a few little adjustment thingies like that. Israel was half the world away now.

She also joined in with the Evergreen LGBT support group, that's what the 'activate love' motto is related to. The VERY big dog around here is the Univ of Washington, 1861, 54,000 kids in 16 colleges & schools, more than 12,000 grads every year, that's twenty-five times bigger than the entire Evergreen freshman class last year. Compare: Evergreen, 1967, 4,219 kids mostly on one campus, right here in Olympia, maybe a couple thousand grads each year.

So what?

The Univ of Washington has a very big LGBT support group too, we watched their video on the univ cable channel, in their wall mural is the motto ACTIVATE LOVE with a heart-shaped O, done in vivid red paint.

That's what.

Activate love is not restricted to one campus or another, or to one life or another, or even to one existence or another. It survives (Latin = sur + vivo/vivere, life above)... survives all kinds of things. No?

You don't have to speak Latin like an expert or a Freshling to comprehend. In fact, through one channel there are no words at all.


o o o o o o o o o o o ooo

in other news, we're taking lots of photos but the processing software is all back on Brad's desk in Cambridge Mass so we will be posting asap!


Who was the girl!?!?!?
Ummm ... look in your mirror?

Sorry, just catching up with you now... NOT ignoring you!!