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Welcome to Kassie

This is a big step for us, I've discussed it with my Co-Mod Otter.

Kassie is on the staff at my hotel here in Olympia, and two days ago we had an intense spiritual talk and exploration of Anna's path as I was part of that from 2005 onward. K knows all about why I am in Olympia now, on my way to campus tomorrow (it is
Wednesday 07 October at 1:43AM as I type this.)

Kassie will be the first Friend among us who has had no direct experience of Anna. Also as I write this, she is sitting ten feet away from me at the reception desk and has already accessed our memorial site, so Friending her is just another way of linking her to us.

K is 20 and originally moved to here to Olympia, in Washington State, from Kansas, both states in the USA.

Blessings Be as we are expanding our table.