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did no mean NO???

Well, this is the way it would be put these days.

As a radical feminist and ardent champion of grrls' and women's rights, Ki would have been entranced by our new Friend Kassie, also spelled Kassandra. Certainly Ki was surface-knowledgable about Greek mythology.

There are a bunch of legends about Cassandra (variant spelling.) C had a twin brother Helenus, she was born very beautiful, joined the cult of the god Apollo by taking a vow of chastity. Permanent chastity.

One night Apollo looked over his group of priestesses and had another idea. As a male god, he can do anything he wants, right? (How times change...)

Apollo's idea was to enjoy the favours of Cassandra. There were three possibilities:

C said no and meant NO.

C said no and meant maybe, what do I get from you in return?

C said yes, but you gotta give me something too, in return.

(Now this is Evergreen in October 2015, this kinda convo would never be happening now, right?)

Anyway, what seems to have happened is that she makes Apollo give first, he gives her the gift of prophecy, then she says no dice, get the $@^%$(*&&%# out of my bedroom chamber. Those words to a male God, imagine! So he curses her with the curse that she will always be right in her ability to foretell the events of the future but nobody will ever believe her.

So with C it's out of the temple and into the streets.

C grabs hold of twin bro Helenus and tells him the secrets of accurate prophecy but that's part of the curse too, everybody believes him and nobody believes her. Ever.

Finally our heroine ends up as a court whore of King Agamemmnon, gets into a love triangle and gets murdered by the King alongside the King's wife.

This would all be right up Ki's writing alley, she'd do a song spinoff or two, short story / stories / scenarios, somehow turn the curse around so it would be puffed-up Apollo who does the suffering.

This is all to welcome new Friend Kassie who has had no idea at all of the legend behind her namesake, starting with worship of polytheism, about as far away from Kassie as one could get!

Refs at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassandra


Brings up a remembrance of what Ki's religious approach had been, what resonates is her journey. She journaled "The Jews are my people" and also "I'm a bad Jew --- I ate piggie!!!" --- this last referring to a pork barbeque or something. But she was also exploring Islam and Wicca... Kiotara al'Astraya is a combo of Korean faith and Arabic, al'Astraya meaning "to the stars" and / or "of the stars". And her Mom Susan's background is Kansas Christian Protestant (of some variety). Ki was the only child in her family (two younger sisters, three younger brothers) who had been born in the USA rather than in Israel.

What she was NOT attracted to at all was faith-based political controversy, principally Israeli - Palestinian, Hebrew - Islam. I'd been sure that we could go to the launch of Rachel Corrie's book "Let Me Stand Alone" at the Evergreen libe on the second night we were together, she said no, it's all about politics, I said no way, it's all about creative writing, you're now in the same program as she had been ten years earlier... but she ended up staying in bed, cutting the event and her class, (and herself, it turned out later), got up about midnight or so.

We're starting our day at the Rachel Corrie museum / display / this morning downtown, on our way back up to campus.

Blessings Be from Brad / silverplate88