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erin links to bridget

I honestly believe

"I honestly believe they would not give a damn if I died tomorrow."

That's what Ki posted on Saturday afternoon April 12, talking about the treatment her roommates were giving her: "I'm invisible, apparently, unless I'm doing something wrong."

Then came Sunday morning April 13.

There's no record of who gave what in the give-a-damn department. I'm sure each of them went for some type of counseling, except Sophie, who'd just left to do a standup routine in NYC at the NewYorikan Theatre.

Fast forward almost eight-and-one-half years later, we're standing at the counter at the Evergreen bookstore on campus, which is totally turned-around now. The checkout lady is joined by a student intern.

The lady notices that Brad is using an "assistive device", a walker, to help him get around because he is dying of cancer that's currently affecting one leg. Among other places.

The lady smiles and says, "Don't go down there." We'd been talking about the centerpiece of our trip, a walk down the trail in miserable spooky gloomy damp weather to the Pacific coastline to take photos to share with you. It's maybe a mile or two. There's a road too. No car for us, neither of us drives.

The weather is 70 degrees, VERY sunny, warm, humid, fogless, spooky-less, not a drop of rain.

And now this.

Bookstore lady does not think B will make it safely, he will do something stupid like fall over, break a hip, internal bleeding, crap like that. And Ki DID give a damn about that --- roommates or not ---, if it happened.

Brad tells it: Ki just said one word to me, "Listen." Then she vanished.

She wasn't standing next to me anymore. She wasn't INside me anymore, either. OMG what a weird feeling. First time since 2005.... ... ...

Later on, after awhile, she came back, told me that she totally knows how well I take advice, it's precisely the same thing as she does, each of us is a rebel that does what we want, she had to do something to get my attention.

Well, it worked.

So, yes, there WILL be pictures, there are something like 1,016 of them over six days, all need editing and sorting, B is doing that now. Next post some will be here.

But Evergreen is just not the same as 8 years ago, it's physically and spiritually waaaaay different. They've put millions into redesigning and rebuilding everything at the center of campus; now the large cafeteria / meeting space where we --- and lots of the other kids --- ate, has now been carved up into nine or ten separate little food centers tucked away on different floors. It was totally silent at two in the afternoon on a class weekday, nobody at all sitting at the information desk, nobody ever appeared. The library, ditto. Now they've created two wings and multiple floors, the computer center where Ki went into emo shock over being dumped by her bf Ruud is way upstairs from where it was, which is now a WRITING CENTER with a big capital-letter sign (and closed doors)... the feeling you get when you walk through the libe front doors is that you are entering an abandoned airline terminal, with very high ceilings. No sense of community at all. Lots of hollow echoes.

The most "exciting" thing that happened is that somebody tripped the fire alarm in the bldg., strobe lights started flashing all over the place, kids strolled out one by one taking a LONG time, nobody much cared...

All the life was happening downtown, ArtsFair weekend, we got there in time for the second day of it; we watched dancing in the streets, lots of sidewalk chalkers = kids of all ages. Street troubadours. Really good voices, too.

And there was even a little fog one morning, way high up in the trees outside our hotel. Not the kind that hugs you into oblivion.

B decided he would have to move out there so there will be lots of weekends --- not just one --- to go study the fog and the spookies and make photos to see who shows up in them.

Which is exactly what he is going to do.

He even got suggestions -- from three people -- to establish residency and GO to Evergreen. Get into the grad program. And tutor.

They can't be serious.

But they were... ?

First problem is, you can't establish residency from Boston.