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Spectrum cone

something is bursting out of my heart

"...something is bursting
out of my heart--
I don't know whether
to laugh
or cry;
music within music, a perfect cloth.

...In case it isn't obvious, I love the Pachelbel Canon, Canon in D. I have played it on the piano hundreds of times, listened to the orchestra thousands of times, and I never tire of it. It is a work of genius."

(:16 July 2003, in PostPoems)

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These are the last few lines of her poem on Pachelbel's Canon, and her editor notes accompanying the post.

Johannes Pachelbel was a German Late Baroque composer (1653-1706), his Canon dates from somewhere in the 1690's. The standard multiversion recording is "Pachelbel's Greatest Hit", CD released by RCA in 1991 featuring eight variations recorded 1972-87 and produced in Germany by BMG Classics 60712-2-RG.

Which Ki had collected on her computer.

So what?

So it meant a whole lot to her and to her music artistry and to her love of light in music. Even though she seems never to have made a public recording of herself playing either her piano or her guitar (prob her family made something private) -- despite that, her words live on.

So it is a time bridge, from 1690 to right now, 2016, and she's on it, and so are we.

What is NOT on the CD is something awesome, a polyphonic synthesizer treatment by Jeff Hall, published on 20 March 2008, which Ki prob never knew, with only three weeks left to her. But she goes ahead and shares it now:


What's awesome about this is the blending and variations in Hall's arrangements, Ki loves it. Also awesome is that 1694 (to pick) is twelve years before P's death, 295 years before Ki's birth, and it would be 263 years before RCA would invent the programmable electronic synthesizer in 1957.

We don't have any idea what hundreds of years feels like. Even one hundred of them.

But we know all about how she felt when she was playing and listening to the piece, and if you do the upload, you can too.

And we know all about what "never" means, as well as eternity.

"a perfect cloth... I never tire of it."

Blessings Be / Brad