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doing my hair

when I walk through the storm

"...there is always someone
for each of us they say
and you'll be by someone
forever and a day
I could search the whole world over
until my life is through
but I know
I'll never find another you.
It's a long long journey
so stay by my side
when I walk through the storm
you'll be my guide, be my guide..."

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he is everything, now I have nothing.-------private Email

I've spoken with Ruud for what will be the last time... he does not want to be friends with me, not even to talk anymore... he just walked away.--------- FriendsLocked LJ

You are one of my closest friends. You have been for years. I love you and I really really don't want to lose you. ----------liveChat to Portugal

...she's totally playing you, had her fun, and now she's fucking around with other people.--college Chat

Brad, co-Mod: Ki had been one person in all these convos, the others had been me and two others, at three separate times in her life; situations also refer to two of her lovers (the other, a girl). The song lyrics are excerpted from "Another You" by Tom Springfield. It's a map to Ki's beliefs.

What emerges is a ton of angst and relationship confusions, they got particularly hurtful to Ki at the end.

At the start of the 407th week today, it is Sunday, and Saturday nights are always remembered in some way, some distant --- Ki has changed away from needing mortal guides any longer, and now in many private ways she offers herself as the guide she never had for very long. To hold onto, through the storms and over them and beyond them.

Now, it really is "Forever and a day."

My hope is that each one of us has a stormguide, a person who is here today and not gone tomorrow or any tomorrows. A Guide in many forms in many voices, perhaps many silent but eventually immortal too.

Eventually and right now too.

If they gave me a fortune?

Blessings Be.