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vowing to keep working until I fucking drop

The entry to this post is somewhat involved, I'll link it to Ki in a bit.

25 years ago this week the UK rock group QUEEN released their album "Innuendo", it was the farewell appearance by their lead singer Freddie Mercury, who was already mortally ill and who died in a few months from complications of incurable AIDS-related bronchopneumonia (November 1991.)

The title of this post comes from what a reporter quoted Freddie as saying, that he vowed "to keep working until I fucking drop."

One month ago next week (in January 2016), David Bowie died from incurable liver cancer, days after he released his farewell album "Blackstar." David is more vivid for me because I'm a theatre artist also--- and David, though mortally ill, was also composing and arranging new songs for his new musical production "Lazarus", opening in New York last November. "Lazarus" of course recalls the Judeo-Christian legend of one story of Jesus of Nazareth, who brought a man named Lazarus, who had already died, back to life.

The Off-Broadway director of "Lazarus" said of David that he was "still writing on his deathbed... he kept working like a lion through it all."

So Ki's life was very far from those of international rockstars and theatre composers. Did she vow to keep working until she fucking dropped?

You bet she did.

Even though her mortal illnesses were basically emotional rather than basically physiological.

In her last days she not only took her new videocam into downtown Olympia at night, to record rough-cuts of interviews with her beloved homeless friends --- she also created photos of them and edited them and posted them in her two galleries at Deviant Art. Including one of a veteran confined to a wheelchair whom she chanced to meet on a city bus they were both taking, near her college campus. The vet was smiling. They both were.

And with only hours left in her mortal life, she collaborated with another LJ writer to give permission for one of her photos of her sister Becky to be re-imagined as an acrylic painting to be publicly displayed on campuses later in 2008.

Still writing on her deathbed? ....Sure. "Requiem for the Silent", and a short time later, "A Childhood Memory," a memoir written (and read in class aloud) for a class project nine days before she left.

Soyeah. This is not a post about dying, at all. It's about the creative drives that are timeless and not subject to any illnesses any longer.... not Kiota's, nor Freddie's, nor David's.

Timeless creativities, along with many of our own...

And so it is that, right now tonight, you and I can still go be thrilled by Freddie's music, David's singing and writing, and both saddened and uplifted by Kiota's images and reminiscences.

Until we fucking drop.

(Not that the journey ends there!)

Blessings Be to you and yours from Brad / Silverplate88 co-Mod