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kiotaweapon 1 pen

crosspostings in the conflict

There's a recent grad from Harvard, Class of 2015, Alyssa Leader, who has sued the mighty university for damaging her through its miserable performance in dealing with her PTSD.

It's different when someone you know is looking at you from page one of the newspaper.

I met Alyssa a year ago, at one of the perfs of The Vagina Monologues V-Day 2015 here at Harvard, and I shared war stories with others of her actors from doing my production designs for The Vagina Monologues V-Day 2003 presentations at the University of Vermont at Burlington.

Kiota is as incensed as I am at what is happening to Alyssa. They have some of the same causes.

There's about eight entries I've written so far, they are all Public, here's the link to the current one. They are all related, hope you will go over there.