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Emma carries that weight

Emma Sulkowicz is a survivor and college women's rights activist, continuing even after her graduation from Columbia College in New York, Class of 2015. One of her unique forms of protest was to carry her personal dorm room mattress around to class after class most of her Senior year. She made this into a Performance Art piece -- and, in due course, got college academic credit for it.

All this got her worldwide attention and put her onto the cover of Newsweek magazine.

A lot of us carry our own weight, in our own ways... Kiota certainly did.

Ki read a short essay to her class in early April, 2008, entitled

"Requiem for the Silent -- A Childhood Memory"

and decided to "publish this shit" in a memoir someday. She left us her draft copy... only able to complete her "publishing" here on LJ, in the short time left to her.

Emma, being a different person, went outside of class and made a YouTube video and told her story there.

Both got college credit.

Link to my post about Emma: http://silverplate88.livejournal.com/131742.html

Her video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9hHZbuYVnU

Blessings Be and peace from Brad / Silverplate88 co-Mod