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rainbow lollies

Emma Sulkowicz take two

Some new pics:

EMMA off to classes all semester.jpg

This is a short post BECAUSE WE WANT TO WARN YOU, also to tell you we just became aware of this, this afternoon.

Background: Emma went around carrying her mattress to her Columbia College classes to protest how the College was dealing with assault complaints. This was during her Senior year ending in May 2015. The College was not dealing with them at all, at least not in an effective manner. It is her mattress from her dorm bed, she talks about it in her video as being part of a safe place of refuge, and we've already linked you to her statement on YouTube --- in the post just previous to this one.

During the winter break in December and January, Emma made another video which apparently was not part of her piece of Performance Art as she presented it here in America.

This video is extremely graphic and THIS IS NOT A TEASER to go track it down, you should totally stay away from it, and despite what its star tells you, it has no validity at all for us for our healings, and none as a vital piece of performance art. Obviously it could not be placed onto YouTube.

So the last thing we want to do is publish a link to it here, you might stumble across it by mistake if you are looking up more background on Emma, BUTBUT we think it could be, and is, extremely triggering and hurtful.

Making your points of complaint in a Title IX case is one thing. Making a film like this is totally something else.