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kiotaweapon 1 pen

Don't screw around with me

Harvard has stopped with the hot air.

Usually when many college Presidents speak, they usually sound like "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Not anymore.


There are a bunch of social clubs here called "Final Clubs." They have nothing to do with finals, lots more to do with keg parties and lost weekends where you start partying on Friday and don't revive until the next Tuesday or Wednesday. Some of them have been doing that for more than a hundred years!

Soyeah some of these Clubs have been fancyDancing around for more than 100y, always restricted to men students only, they are social magnets for women who get invited regularly to these parties and who end up getting raped 50% more than your Harvard female student-student --- according to campus survey interviews. The serious grrl who (gasp) wants to study things other than High-Pressure Intercourse Physical Dynamics 301 or Anatomical Arousal 269.

In one Club they refer to recruiting new members as Punch. (Really!) Getting your ticket Punched for lifetime membership. This is not all they want to Punch.

Harvard suits talk more politely, re social events, they stress the inherent imbalance between men in positions of authority over women in positions of subordination... and the positions they are implying are crystal clear.

So with the hot breath of the Feds on their necks, they put it quite clearly: you're in a club that doesn't admit women AS MEMBERS EQUAL IN EVENT PLANNING AND POLICY, not just figureheads or the in-house whore-flavors of the week; the club does not change; you get kicked out of Harvard. Quickly.

The Club can't get kicked out because it doesn't have any formal link to Harvard in the first place.
But YOU do.

Those physics are very easy to understand. Even when you're drunk or high. Drop-kicked to the airport, you'll feel it. Through the haze.

Now what this has to do with Ki --- (1) she applied to Harvard for the Class of 2011 and was rejected (2) if there's anyone more of a counselor to those women (and men) who are sexually wrecked, we don't know who it is (3) ditto as a champion of equality for women AND strict accountability for their attackers. Especially accountability... in one instance, she tracked down one of her rapists who had left Israel and resettled with his family in Europe: Ki wrote to his boss, introducing herself as one of his survivors, writing with the intention of getting him fired. From his job teaching kids.

Right On.

Mommies and Daddies who put $70K and more EACH YEAR into a Harvard education for their kiddies do not want them to show back up at home with a one-way ticket out of Cambridge.

Mommies whose daughters are among the 3% each year accepted to HU (H rejects the other 97%, the highest rate in America) -- those Moms do not want them to be permanently scarred and damaged at the Clubs. (Or anywhere else, on campus or off.)

Ki would be out there demonstrating with signs --- you prob wouldn't able to see her, she's less than five feet and shy, she'd melt in within the crowd, but you'd hear her voice.

Like you are right now.