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a time to write, A Time to Join, this time to dream...


I started a notebook for A Time to Join... it includes the story outline, the character descriptions, and the places. I wrote a LOT about the planet Ty -- the government system, the culture, the weather, everything. ...I came up with this scene, that could also be used as a short story:

Return from War

Axsten stood on the edge of the oasis, breathing harshly through cracked lips, surveying the destroyed camp. Her home, once milling with young men honing their slingshots and joking together, women tending to the sheep and calling out to each other with laughter, children running underfoot, shouting and playing, was silent. Tents were burned, supports pulled out of the ground, belongings scattered like lost promises. The once-clear waters were shallow and murky, and smashed pottery lay forgotten in the sand.

One such pottery piece stabbed into Axsten's foot as she took a hesitant step forward, trying to realize the devastation was real and not another mirage or hallucination. As she lifted it, she realized it was a shard of Cole's pottery. A man crippled with age, Cole had sat many an hour in front of his pottery wheel, shaping his clay with gentle hands. He scratched delicate patterns in his creations, cradling them in his large, weathered hands like one might cradle a child... Cole loved his pottery.

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I also went looking through this old portfolio, a writing portfolio I did for English class when I was twelve. The teacher REALLY liked it, showered me with compliments ("I look forward to retiring, reading your books"), etc. etc. etc. and told me to keep the stuff I wrote so I could look at it in my old years and be surprised by what I wrote.


Current writing projects (excluding poetry):

1. The Savior (needs better name) (sci-fi)
2. The Ship of Death / A Time to Join (needs better name) (sci-fi)
3. Touch the Stars
4. Spirit - the Joining (fantasy, co-written with cousin)

Novellas / Stories:
1. Music of the Unicorns (fantasy)
2. Goddess, Breathing Air (urgent need of title) (sci-fi)
3. Healing Mel (contemporary)
4. Time traveler (title under construction) (sci-fi)
5. Splintered Reality (sci-fi)
6. Storm's Hope
7. Prison of the Mind

Seeds of Ideas:
1. Daughters of the Star
2. Mirror

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this time to dream:

"...the usual barricades, gun emplacements, military vehicles stripped bare by a hundred years of weather, many overturned or lying on their sides: there had been a battle here. The upper deck was choked with the carcasses of automobiles, painted white by the droppings of birds. Alicia of Blades dismounted... cars lay in a twisted heap on the deck below. A narrow ledge along the guardrail, four feet wide at the most, presented the only viable pathway... the height was irrelevant, it was the water that stoked her fear. Beyond the edge lay a swallowing maw of death. The river was bad enough; the thought of the ocean... would have paralyzed her completely.

She headed south... eventually the factories gave way to blocks of apartments and brownstones, interspersed with vacant lots, some barren, others like miniature jungles. In some places the streets were flooded, dirty river water bubbling up through the manholes... she was aware of the tiniest sounds and movements: pigeons cooing, rats scurrying, water dripping down the walls of the buildings' interiors. The acrid spore-smell of mold. The funk of rot. The stench of the city itself, death's temple."

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Alicia of Blades is inside the ruins of New York City. Axsten is not.

Alicia of Blades is a character in a book called The City of Mirrors. City is the final book in a trilogy of sci-fi/fantasy novels. The theme of the trilogy was suggested to the author around January 2006.

this time to dream.

Ki was sixteen in January 2006, wrote almost at white-hot speed what you read at the top of this post, and she wrote it when she was thirteen and put it online.

Justin Cronin was a dad, already published his first book when Ki had been six. In January 2006 his daughter, eight, told her Dad he should write a book about a grrl who saves the world. JC picks up his pen, ends up publishing internationally and selling the Trilogy movie rights. "Soon to be a Major Motion Picture..."

Thousands of copies in print. Cronin's income totals about five million five hundred thousand dollars. And counting.

Both the Trilogy (begun at author's age of 44) and Ki's piece A Time to Join (begun earlier than author's age of thirteen) show elaborate character development, attention to interesting detail, and rich imaginative touches.

Ki would never get to be 44 nor to have a daughter. But she also left us her short story "To The Stars" --- about survivors in a blasted, devastated city---, and completed at least one long novella of 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and she left us many poems, essays, and photographs.

When Cronin was thirteen it is safe to say he was not writing A Time to Join.

So our dream is to time-travel, to water the seeds Ki left, and see what might probably have grown up from them.

In exactly one month from today Ki will be 27.

Would she probably have flowered into an authoress of the same or similar accomplishments and achievements, joining the creative brotherhood/sisterhood of Justin Cronin?

Well, Ki and I were already talking about a movie adaptation of one of her stories: I know what her ideas were, because I was there. When Cronin was the same age, seventeen, he wasn't talking. Not yet!

So MUCH creative accomplishment, such a young physical age.

And of course she's still growing.

"scattered like lost promises." but collected back here... after the war.

Blessings Be from Brad / Silverplate88 co-Mod

(credits for Cronin are required, housekeeping in next post..)