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kiotaweapon 1 pen

housekeeping for Cronin and At The Edge Of Adulthood

Required as attachment to last most recent post:

The reference article of such post has been condensed "From the forthcoming book THE CITY OF MIRRORS by Justin Cronin. Copyright (c)2016 by Justin Cronin. All Rights Reserved." "Excerpted exclusively in its issue of December 31, 2015, by Entertainment Weekly, a subsidiary of Time Incorporated, All Rights Reserved." Publication date of full book is May 24, 2016; copies in advance of publication available for reviewers. (c) Justin Cronin.

The second book of the Trilogy is THE TWELVE, (c) 2010 by Justin Cronin, and this passage is condensed from that and deeply resonates with Kiota:

"Like an apparition Amy moved from quiet room to quiet room, sidling up and down the rows of beds where the sleeping children lay... the oldest were thirteen, poised at the edge of adulthood, the youngest just babies. Each came with a story, always sad. ... the children's origins varied yet their fates would be the same --- the girls would enter the Order caring for the children they themselves had been... yet in their dreams they were children --- still children. She felt closer to her own childhood, innocent of what lay ahead, the too-long journey of her life."


Ki might have written every word of that, especially the last eighteen words.

She lived some of it already, was set to fly off to Cambodia eight years ago this June and July, to work in an orphanage, caregiving to the children and remembering her own time of being eight and nine, which her orphanage guests would be.

Resurrections in this Eastertide... this year the Festival of Passover ends on 30 April. Ki's birthday.

Ki's REbirthday. Once again...