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Rotterdam HS

here comes April

...and April is the month of her birthday.

and April is the month of her REbirthday.

To start with Ki: ..."Life isn't perfect... but hang on. It IS worth it in the end."

One of the Chanoeka Sameach presents I gave her in 2007 was a book of photographs by Gillian Laub. Laub got married in that year of 2008 and her mother-in-law offered the pair her following blessing:

"Forgive early
Kiss slowly
Love wholeheartedly
and Laugh loudly."

(Ki would agree, I think... therefore our icon of Kiota horsing around in Rotterdam, she's sitting across and atop the shoulders of a friend... you can hear her laughing!)

And this, adapted from Rumi, the Persian poet:

"you are the breast my heart nurses now,
my tongue grows along your veins;
you are giving me a glass
that has the fountains of the sun inside:
your silken feathers wheel me
high into our pathways beyond the sky
and you turn time into vapor
and I dissolve with you into you
and my flame ever mates with your candle:
all melts to One through absent presence
in our present absence,
for as long as this moon shall whirl her dances
along the coasts we make, astride the sands we fire."

The original is translated by Coleman Barks; I edited in some lines last December, partly to reflect some themes in Kiota's writings.

Rumi lived in the thirteenth century; google Coleman Barks, if you haven't yet met Rumi you're in for a treat. An entire banquet, a moveable feast, actually.

Moveable through the centuries. As all of us do, and will.

Blessings Be from Brad/Silverplate88 --- coMod