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what would YOU do with 127 virgins?

You're the king WAAAY back BCE, lord of everything from India to Ethiopia, a/k/a the Persian Empire, and you have lots of drinking buddies. There's this party where you all get very blasted and a courtier challenges you:

'You keep claiming that your wife Queen Vashti is the most beautiful woman in the world, bring her out here, let her be stripped, so we can all see her world-class charms for ourselves.'

Challenging the Emperor would always be a good way to get yourself carved up immediately into many small pieces by the palace guards, for insubordination.

But the king says, 'let's have at it.' Or, her.

Queen says 'WTF does he think I'm some kind of common chambermaid that he can just summon me to appear before these drunks and get stripped? No way, I'm not coming.'

Goodbye Queen, scripture doesn't say how, it was fast.

(In Esther 1:16-18, advisers told the king to beware of uppity women who would be encouraged by Vashti and just go do what they wanted instead of enslaving themselves to their husbands as Lords of the Home, and that's what was really behind commanding the strip show.)

(Making an example: 'Look what we can do to the Queen, the #1 female in the whole world!')

Enter 127 virgins, one from each province, all decked out with perfumes, glowing robes, jewelry, and their birthday suits.

Who would win the chance to fill the other half of the royal bed?

Tryouts took a year. You can imagine why.

The impossible choice: an orphan, Esther, meek and shy, not very pretty at all, compared to the other 126. She wins. Maybe the Boss thinks she will give him no trouble, she will just shut up and fuck.

But she's also Jewish, sent by You-Know-Who to protect the Jews from extermination by the Prime Minister, Haman, who has hatched a plot: he convinces the king that rebellion is afoot, he and all the other palace officials will be killed, unless kingie acts fast; so he gets the king to ---

"destroy, kill, and cause to perish all Jews, both young and old, little children and women, in ONE day... and to take the spoil of them for prey." (Esther 3:12-13.)

That last thing means to rip off all their stuff, confiscate it, destroy their houses and farms, etc. etc.

(Imagine! Nobody in modern times would try to do anything like that, right???)

King goes off to drink some more, with Haman. (If everybody else does your work for you, there's plenty of time left over for that.)

Queen comes in, says 'you've got it all backwards, dearest, it's Haman who wants to kill you and blame it all on the Jews as a cover. When he takes the throne he will obliterate all your loyal followers, like the Jews.'

This may be a tall tale as long as Pinocchio's nose, the Jews have only one King, and it's not this one. But the Persian king buys it, gets all pissed off, goes to the garden to think about stamping out rebellions.

When he comes back, there's Haman lying on top of Queen Esther. He's drunk or passed out, she's screaming and wiggling, so much for Haman, he gets hanged, the Jews are saved, much partying the next day in the 127 provinces.

Alternate ending: Esther has loaded the snoring body of H into her side of the bed and wriggled underneath him to make it look like rape, calls out to hubby to come save her. Haman gets hanged, the Jews are saved, etc etc.

This the outline of the Jewish Festival of Purim, which happened on my bday last month.


Linkages to Ki. First, it's the last major Feast before Passover, and Passover this year ends on Ki's birthday, four weeks from today. Passover eight years ago got started on the same day she was returned to earth near her home in Israel.

Second, this is full of sex and death. Now, that's not unusual to the Torah (or to the Christian Holy Bible,) but these are also common themes through almost everything she wrote and saved for us.

Third, this is a story of female struggle, intrigue, rebellion. Ki's life = replete with these.

Fourth, very dramatic images. Ki would be writing a hell of a screenplay.

Perspective: Ki is not religious in the organizational sense, at least not through my experiences with her. She is brought up in the Jewish religious tradition (from Dad's side) --- but questioning... writing papers on Islam, interested in Wicca, we talked through much of one night in her dorm room about Sufism and the Islamic doctrine of Fana --- transitioning from a state of separate personhood into a new state of re-unification with the Almighty --- however she wanted to define that Almighty. The founder of Sufism, Rumi, was definitely a rebellion leader against conventional orthodoxy in his time.

So to answer the question:

What WOULD you do with 127 virgins?

We hope you would treat these women and girls as equals, respect and honor them, love them as partners not as conquests, and rejoice in the trust that each one of you is more powerful, safe, and growing and enflowering as a team than either one of you could be separately.

On April 2, this evening, and always...blessings Be from Brad, co-Mod