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redblue on blue

Heaven is a place on earth


when you walk into the room
you pull me close and we start to move
and we're spinning with the stars above
and you lift me up on a wave of love:
ooo Baby do you know what that's worth?
ooo Heaven Is A Place On Earth:
they say in heaven, love comes first;
we'll make heaven a place on earth,
we'll make heaven a place on earth...

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2007-07-11 from her original LJ, entry index number is 612251

"And omg. Last night eeeeeeeeee. So awesome. It wasn't even sex, just fingering and a little bit of oral, but absolutely incredibly.

Unfortunately, I'm a little sore today. :(

And cuddling. Much cuddling. Awesomeness.

... a cute boy is sitting behind me playing with my hair. :D he woke me up this morning with coffee and chocolate. And now he's being cuddly and adorable. And he's also reading over my shoulder and kissing my neck..."

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No, Ki didn't write that first entry, the songStylist got here some twentySomething years before Ki did; it's part of the lyrics of a smash hit Power Pop song by Belinda Carlisle, went to #1 in seven or eight countries including this one. Still popular right now in 2016, they're touring.

But Ki sure wrote the second one. Making heaven a place on earth with Ruud, her Belgian boyfriend, in Europe on a visit. With privacy. With much cuddling. And, chocolate.

The main event we are mourning, still, -- (and healing from, still) -- in this month of April, is her passing, her REbirth. But there is lots about her life here with us to celebrate, too. Loving the way she is being treated and accepted and encouraged by her lover in those days is certainly one of them.

So we'd like to have these days remembered also. Especially during this month.

"when I feel alone
I reach for you
and you bring me home;
when I'm lost at sea
I hear your voice
And it carries me..."

For Ki, there were and are grrl-Lovers also, whom she reaches for.
Then and always.

:Blessings Be, Brad = co-Mod