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Rose petals

freethinking, paradoxical, etc etc

email convos during October into November, 2006:

Brad: would you tell me which three photos you sent?
Kiota: ...I sent 'Missing You', Becky III 'Street Model', and "Stairs'. And I haven't applied anywhere else but Reed yet (since I am applying early decision to Reed). heh, now I'm doing NaNoWriMo... so... lots on my mind O: Plus I have a subject SAT on Sunday. Ewwww.

Brad: What subject? That's really brave of you, Motek, since you've already sent all those test scores to Portland :D

Ki: I took the Literature SAT... no idea how I did. O: But I got my scores back for the SAT (version II, heh), in total my scores went up thirty points, which isn't too bad. Sent that off to Reed as well. And, at this very moment, I'm registering for my courses at the comm college in the spring. :)

KIOTA takes STAIRS 24 aug 2006.jpg

+ + + + + + + + + +

This is "Stairs". All three of the images are maintained in her gallery at dArt, the "Kiota" one, she would not open her other gallery until January 2008, a year later.

All three of them show some post-processing, Ki is designing Stairs to reveal so much more than Linny walking down a staircase. Image grows on you. As so many of her others do.

One of her LJ Friends commented on "Missing You" that "I think one gets to take great photos of people one loves..." Indeed.

Reed College is a VERY tiny by-American-standards liberal arts college five miles from the center of Portland, Oregon, USA: It had only 1,453 students in 2015 and 23 of these were grad kids taking transferable credits at much larger American universities. Reed does not give any grades, the whole deal is Pass-noPass unless they feel your work earned the equivalent of a C, then they tell you that, and they also say this puts you into danger-of-departing territory. Reed describes itself as:


---and says "students thrive on guided inquiry that rewards creativity, independence, and reflection."

You essentially write your own program. And are accountable for your success, because you are setting your own goals, with their guidance (faculty ratio is 1:9 ---- super-low and therefore great for accessibility to kids.)

Anybody think this place is a total magnet for Ki?

The "comm college" she talks about is Northern Idaho Community College (NIC) in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, here in America, where one of her grandfathers lives, she would move there in late Winter 2006 and work lots on photography, and post it in dArt.


At the time, remember, she was a HS dropout in Israel, a recovering street-whore, living at a private school down the hill from her home, living in a converted house-trailer there with other kids --- very minimal space ---, studying intensively to make up for lost academic time, taking American college entry exams, being intensively tutored.

(When I visited Israel, I went by invitation to Lachan School and looked into one of the house-trailers (called "caravans" in Europe), talked with her English teacher. She was very praising and complimentary about Ki's trajectory with the faculty.)

At this same time, she was writing that 50,000 word novel and other creative pieces. And working a part-time job at the School.

I don't have to decorate the facts at all, they speak for themselves.

Ki was like a meteor. And still is.

Blessings Be from Brad, co-Mod

PS --- Reed this year rejected six of every ten applicants. Rejection levels for their Class of 2011 were comparable. Ki was one of them.