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Olympus Sureshot

like there's nobody watching

"you gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
love like you'll never be hurt,
sing like there's nobody listening,
and live like it's heaven on earth."

112 (7) ALYA runs toward the light of KIOTA de 05.JPG162 (2).jpg167 (2).jpg

First quote is from a well-known educator, Univ of Florida and UNC, who taught counselors.

Second is a selection from a "lost" series by Ki. It's 2005-12-13 and she starts out by discovering a photo op, sitting down on a sidewalk in Israel, cuddling up to a barred window looking down into a basement dance studio, watching class/rehearsal. Then she gets invited in to make some photo essays.

One of her titles is "A Little Bird by Kiota". (The icon is Ki in Holland, a couple years later, looking at images in her playback screen [her cam is out of frame to your R.]

Later she decides that the whole series of Alya is not something she will choose to save, apparently nobody (except Brad) wants to buy any prints of them, so she warns me that she will be erasing ("cleaning out my DA account soonish") and I should download anything I want to keep.

With the primitive equipment she was using at the time (this was way before she bought her Canon Digital Rebel XTi on eBay, to use mostly in America), I think what she achieved was remarkable. She names her dancer "Alya" ("I don't have a clue about what her real name is"). She caught Alya with both feet in the air doing crossing passes diagonally across the studio; warming up in one corner; and repairing a wall for her next jete' or jump across it.

Some of the series is overexposed and underlighted, Ki is experimenting with different cam settings and changing her position along the wall opposite from 'Alya'.

Ki is sixteenish at this time.

The point is that she is learning, advancing her art, so she can increase the connections between her imagination and what the print says.

And, as it turns out, sharing with us, ten-plus years later.

Dance like nobody's watching.
Love like you'll never be hurt.

These days (and nights,) we watch her images dance, and we share the love she left us, each in her own way... with hurt, maybe, sometimes...

And without.

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:Brad/Silverplate88 == co-Mod with Gothicotter