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Spectrum cone

let there be light

AKAA-37 kiota DA - AND THERE WAS LIGHT dec 05.jpg

In about a quarter hour there will be a Take Back The Night processional and memorial at Harvard, in the central part of the Yard. It will start at the main library and wind across the Quad to the steps of the Memorial Church at the other end of the Quad.

The temp will be 3 degrees C and wind at 18KpH (USA equivalents are 37 degrees and 11 mph winds.) Freezing weather, very far away from your balmy Spring evening, is my point. Vigil-keepers will be determined and committed.

Candles in protective sleeves will be carried carefully along, and at the Church each one who wishes can make a statement in witness of healing and human rights and commitment to bring safety back to the night so it will become secure once again for EVERYONE to walk in peace.

Ki restated her story many times in many forms in these journal pages. One of her public statements did not happen at a TBTN at all, but in a classroom: we have it as "Requiem for the Silent, A Childhood Memory", a paper she read to her classmates, and told us that afterwards "I was so flustered" but that "some people said really nice things to me about it..."

What we offer in honor tonight is a simple visual image. A lighted bulb, European voltage 230V, so she made her photo prob somewhere in Israel, at that time (December 2005 or earlier) prob in her room at home. She is sixteen.

This post title, the same as her title for the photo, comes from the Book of Genesis, the first few lines of The Torah, starting "In the beginning..." ;; the beginning of the outer world, and the beginning of each one of our inner, personal, smaller ones... to separate our darknesses with Light.

Total blackness borders her pic because you cannot see light if everything is brilliance without any contrast. Here, this is total contrast.... and so this dark won't swallow up the light, because the illumination is stronger and she gives the lamp to us as switched ON, yielding heat too. All the time. Eternally: this night, and all nights.

And she saved it for us then, back beyond and through those years ago.

And right now, tonight, she is saving it for each one of us.

She is walking quietly through Harvard, and other campuses, this eventide. Her own also, of course.

She is with each of us right now, in peace and healing, right here as much we may choose to welcome her and love her still.

It never goes dark.