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next time I will come to you

Sally Mann is one of Ki's favourite photographers. Sally talks of "insurmountable opportunities" for making photo art, and when she was around 17 she wrote, in her private journal --

"the mountains give the name of blue, the name of change and mist and hour and light and noise of wind, they are the name of my name, the hand of my hand, and the sight of my eye."

<=> <=> <=> <=> <=>

"next time I will come to you."

This is the weekend that measures the end of eight years, and it's like yesterday: late Friday afternoon, April 2008, we embraced outside the taxi pickup stop on campus where I'd be leaving for the 60-mile trip to the airport and then back across America to Boston.

They were the last words (physical words) she would ever say to me.

Of course it did not take her very long to arrive, to "come to you.". (In fact, she never really left.)

After visiting Israel, I'd flown to Holland, a journey kindasorta retracing her path. It was early December 2008, and Hanukkah had already started that year of 5768 in the Orthodox calendar, and a trio of young girls was reading words from the sacred Torah scrolls in the city hall. One reader is younger and smaller than the others, she looks like this ---

IMG_87059-25 (4).jpg

She looks so much like Ki she could have been her twin, at a much earlier age when I didn't know her yet and you didn't either... I was enthralled (in Dutch, "betoveringlijk.")

Then, in the same location, two years later I got thrown into one of Sally's 'insurmountable opportunities.'

As I looked up, a young officeworker appeared on the 4th floor skywalk bridge in the City Hall, crossed to the other building suites, and the afternoon sun angle was just precisely right to draw the image of her ghost-shadow across, onto the opposite wall. Worker and lighted ghost walked toward one another and when they were just about to touch, both disappeared.

IMG_17047-14 (2).jpg


I did not know either the worker or the shadow.

But I did.

At night that opposite wall is just blank white with a row or two of glass bricks.

So Who is making sure I am standing at that exact time and place, cam in hand, to make a record of this sun-writing? Writing with light?

No mystery at all. Right down to Sally's 'name of blue', here without mountains, without any sounds at all as a matter of fact, with one Canon Digital Rebel SLR in my hand and the other one standing right behind me and walking that bridge at the same time. Also inside the 'sight of my eye' too, of course.

It's why we're back there right now. To share with you.


Looks just like her...
Yes, and she was promptly gone off the podium with her trio after they finished, others came to read, she did not repeat. But the bridge was given, and shared. Then, and now...