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doing my hair

What I wish for you

Back at my hotel at 6:30PM on Friday --- (amazing how I still want it to be Friday!) --- outbound to the airport, I Gmailed her this:

"What I wish for you is to find a special girl who is also an artist and who engages with you in every way, --- and you will build a sexual and artistic life together where it will not so much be work to build it but endless playing and support. Maybe the [campus] LGBT group will be a great place to start. A journey of a thousand miles with the right partner starts with a single paired step.

Again: please be well and rested and know that you will always have my ACTIVE love and support, for each and every one of your choices O.o"

<=> <=> <=> <=> <=>

For those of us who might never have been through the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport ("SEATAC"), it has a huge main lobby with a high ceiling from which two aircraft are suspended. The real one is a 1927 biplane with a single 90-horsepower engine that will do 100mph - 160Kph if you floor it, and takes you 395 miles (632 Kilometers) on a single tank of gas, which was astonishing in those days. High-rollers and daredevils in 1928 would be studying the sales brochure, titled Get Off the Earth, an image of the cover is on the balcony display.

IMG_3657.JPGIMG_3645 (4).JPG

These pics are from my visit to campus this last October. The plane has not moved. The people have.

Especially two of them.