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Spectrum cone

ki is a meteor

on 4 April we wrote about kiota being a meteor.

our icon is called a spectrum cone.

the photo below is not a meteor. but it's closer to what we meant. and, prettier.

a meteor is a piece of space debris (rock, ice) visible through our atmosphere and burning up, they look like straight lines in the sky as long as they last.

this is a remnant of a supernova located 160,000 light years from us, one light year being the distance you can travel if you go at 186,000 miles each second for a whole year. the circle is 23 light years across and it's expanding at eleven MILLION miles per hour.

looks like a crystal circle, red because it's photographed with hydrogen, don't have a clue how to do that, we have enough challenge photographing with oxygen. if you are a space telescope geek, no prob.

there's nothing in the middle of the circle because that was a star that exploded, some time before. replaced by a starfield.

so this is how it looked sixteen hundred light-centuries ago because that's how long it took its light to get here. (we have trouble living through ONE earth century, let alone through big gobs of space time...)


on this last Saturday evening, to fine focus on eight years ago (NOT eight light years ago, heh), it's 7:05PM in her dorm room at Evergreen and she is beginning to move into a whole new life. away from every bit of her pain and suffering in this one.

moving away only slowly, for now. the speed will pick up, as will her peace and her permanence.

but it won't take any light years at all for her light to get back here.

because it's here right now.