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the trio take two

My co_Mod Otter commented on the resemblance. Here are a couple more from that series:


We thought this pic was cute because it shows you relative sizes and heights. *Meytal was very much following the lead of the other two, looked to us like they had done all this before and she had not, it was her debut.

And this is a crop of another shot, she's reading from the podium:


She wears a pleated layered tan corduroy skirt, fake fur fringe trim, boots; stripey red / pink sweater. All are colors to be found in Ki's closet a few months earlier (it didn't have a door.) Her ponytail and hair length are very much Kiota also.

"Frozen" moments maybe, as the critics would say of 1/4th of a second --- but there are other ways to measure heat.

As we each know.