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Olympus Sureshot

of Whisperlings and starScripts

Very early in her journaling career, years ago, one of the first icons Ki adopted was from an airbrushed, professionally-commissioned work by a Scandinavian artist, entitled "Autumn Whisperlings." The art bore a short legend about a faerie floating slowly along, flying in the haze of Autumn, who decays and dies as the leaves do, disintegrates through the seasons and sleeps within the earth, then is reborn to fly once more.... the perpetual cycle of the seasons, birth and death.

There's a strong facial resemblance to Ki. Coincidental. (?)

Ki was so immediately enamored of this that she emailed the artist --- one day later --- and asked her to create a closeup of the faerie's face which Ki could use as an LJ icon; the artist did, Ki adopted it, and we preserved it here as one of her favourites which she used constantly.

This photo is a digital image of part of the original, based on an SLR photo of the entire original work, cropped to point up her faery face:

IMG_9939 (2).JPG

<=> <=> <=> <=> <=> <=>

Flash forward to two weeks ago. Hot book released on 29 March by author Peggy Orenstein, Girls and Sex. Bestseller lists, TV interviews, blah blah blah.

However, a few pages mirror Ki exactly, Orenstein talks about bisexuality and Lesbianism...

"Girls are more likely than boys to be bullied and stigmatized for sexual activity, which in itself puts them at risk of depression and suicide... It may also be that teens who are already depressed are more likely to engage in and subsequently regret sexual activity."

"As the age of coming out has dropped, parental support has become more crucial than ever. It's one thing for your Mom and Dad to banish you from the home at 25; it's quite another at twelve."

"...with a guy it feels like he's doing something to you, but with a girl, you're doing it with each other. ...[another college student told me that] sex with her girlfriend felt 'off the script': since there was nothing they were supposed to do, they were free to create the sex life that worked for them."

[and about a first kiss]: "the feeling was unlike anything Amber had previously experienced. 'I was so into it", she recalled. 'It was just a natural, normal thing, exactly how it was supposed to be...'"

Linkages and contrasts with Ki: she posted about regretting sexual encounters even though she had joined an outcall phone list: "he knew I didn't want it..." and more than one time she cried about being "nothing but a dirty whore", as she wrote in very explicit entries in her original LJ.

Happily, though, when Ki "came out at fourteen" her parents "were wonderful about it" and gave her their support. And what little she posted about sex with her grrl-lovers indicates cuddling and happiness.

Of course Orenstein is talking about American teen social culture in the 2010's, not living in Israeli teen social culture in the early 2000's, as Ki was. But we see the parallels not the identities.

And the loving experiences Ki shared the most about with us were with Ruud, her boy in Belgium, when they were together, and, going 'off the script', beginning to create the foundations of a "sex life that worked for them."

And the beauty and comfort of those few days of special experiences lives on in her memoir of late July, 2007, and it's those feelings we share today with you.

Rebirth really does not just occur in dying forests and cold fog of autumns. Nor does writing your own script.

"Reborn once more," the faerie story concludes.

We like the art in Orenstein's webpage, because it is what is NOT in those colored curlicues that matters, it is the movement, the mating of red and white, the energies and the soundless sound...

Also it leads us to consider the larger image within and through the blue; ... the larger forest, and the larger sky above the treetops. Where stars live.

Blessings Be.

IMG_9939 (22).jpg