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girl on the bridge

We posted with a photo of a girl on a skywalk in the City Hall in den Haag, Holland.


The pic is VERY resonant with a French-language film released in 1999 with this journal title as the film title. Also, there are so many themes echoing Ki's life that she might have written the screenplay.

No one claims that suicide is anything to laugh about, especially not here. But in this rather amazing play, the lead woman Adele is saved by the leading man Gabor, who ends up at the end of the film in the same place as he found Adele originally.

"It was so dark it's hard to say who rescued whom."

The opening scene is Adele, who has been very free with her favors, being questioned by pdocs, shadowy in the background, and she has a long monologue ending ---

"Some people are born to be happy. I get conned every day of my life...I've never achieved anything. I've never been useful or precious to anyone, or happy. Or, even really unhappy. I guess you're unhappy when you lose something, but I've never had anything. Except bad luck...

- How do you see your future, Adele?

-I don't know -- when I was little, all I wanted to do was grow up. As fast as I could. But I can't see the point of it all. Not anymore... getting older, I see my future like a waiting room in a big train station with benches and drafts. {starts crying} ..Outside, hordes of people run by without seeing me. They're all in a rush, taking trains and cabs. They have somewhere to go, someone to meet. And I sit there, waiting ... ... for something to happen to me.

{Adele meets Gabor on a bridge over the Seine:}

G - You look like a girl who's about to make a mistake.
A - ...I'm scared it's cold.
G - Of course it's cold. You think they heat it?
A - I mustn't think about it. Thoughts aren't my specialty. That's why I'm here, see?
G - You know what I see? I see a waste ahead. And I hate waste... you're depressing me.
A - So fuck off. I'm at the end of my rope, okay?
G - What rope? Look at you. Your rope's barely begun. This is just a bad patch.
A - My whole life's a bad patch. I'm stamped with the seal of failure.
G - Do you think it washes off? I bet this is your first try.
A - Yes. I don't live on bridges.
G - I do.
A- Doing what? Trying to jump, too?
G - No, hiring people.
A - Hiring who?
G - Assistants... past the age of 40, knife-throwing becomes erratic. That's why I recruit on bridges. I like to help.
A - No thanks, I'll manage on my own.
G - You'll still be here next week, staring at your shoes.
A - You can't fool me with your fancy proposals. You think a sad girl on a bridge is an easy target. yours to screw for the asking.
G - EXCUSE ME! I never sleep with my targets.
A - That's YOUR problem... I'm through with fairytales.

{he follows her in, saves her, they surface in the ICU ambulance. The movie develops as a kind of fairytale after all, Gabor remakes Adele into a carnival performer, part of his knife-throwing act. Hilarious scenes ensue. One of the most dramatic (and erotic) occurs in a railroad station shed, where he practices his art again on her while she's standing against a slatted lighted wall:

IMG_0022 (3).JPG

At the end, they are back on the same bridge, this time it's Gabor close to the edge:

Adele - You look like a guy who's about to make a mistake. What are you waiting for? High tide? ...bridges are busy places to jump off. There's always someone giving you second thoughts. Did you break something?
Gabor - All kinds of things, I need a complete overhaul, but it's not worth it. A new knife-thrower's cheaper.
A - What would I do with a new one? ... It's cold, your hand's trembling.
G - You know it never shook in the show. You dreamed it.
A - Maybe we both dreamed, and it wasn't so bad.

{She helps him very safely back onto the walkway}

A - ... you know, we have no choice. If I don't jump, you do. We can't go on like this.
G - Like what?
A - Not being together.

{final shot is the couple in a long bearhug as the pale sun comes up on the river.}

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Ki was very proud of her set of throwing knives that she'd bought, these are specially weighted and balanced to spin in the air when thrown correctly. She practiced with them, she had to leave them back in Israel because of airline restrictions after 9/11. She loves this film (released with English subtitles) and it is quite popular in Europe, nominated in 2000 for eight French Oscars, won one for Gabor.

IMG_0011 (4).JPG

And this last photo follows another girl crossing her bridge. This time she is much younger, close to the same size as Ki in 2000, and this time not across the Seine but bridging a deep forest gorge, a thick Kiota-forest... she's very safely on the walkway, going to meet her family.

And she's timeless.

Maybe we both dreamed, and it wasn't so bad.