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like an angel

A remarkable memoir --- of her entire funeral journey --- was posted by one of Ki's cousins who lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and who flew to Israel with her mom -- her mom being Kiota's mom's sister -- to attend the ceremonies in Israel on Passover Eve 2008.

The cousin is Elizabeth and she has her own serious physical health issues, but she insists on accompanying her mom halfway round the world...

Elizabeth writes her memoir on April 21, after flying home. In part, she says:

{while I was in Israel} "one of the women who had prepared Anna's body for burial came up to me and told me that when she saw Anna's face, it was the most peaceful expression she'd ever seen.

She said she looked like an angel,

like she was only sleeping."

Kiota IDAHO DREAMING 05 feb 07 (2CROP).jpg

What Ki wore was not this, and she wasn't curled into a couch corner in Europe any longer.

But her peace was the same. we're sure.

And her long golden hair. And her beauty.