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all turns to silver glass

I twirl
and the white skirt swirls
around me
rising into the air
a gentle cloud

Dark beckons
and i dance
into the night
dance under the moon and stars
feet stirring grass
damp with dew
arms raised to heaven
swaying, dancing;
music swelling in my ears
as i dance
in moonlight.

{2003-05-14 "Moonlight Dancer" posted by Ki, composed earlier}


This is one of the series Ki made in May 2007, attending the world ice-skating competitions in Spokane, very near where she was living with her grandparents. The skater is Alissa Czisny, who has ice-danced inside to powerful follow-spotlights (moon waited outside); her music is over, she listens to applause and waves before going away... she's 20 here, Ki 18. Ki catches her centered in all three of her spots, shadows stretching away on the ice...

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We've been sharing the portrait of Autumn Whisperlings, whose legend ends with --

"during the fullness of the Summer, she will slowly spread her wings again as the flowers spread their petals. Set free only once the leaves fall, once more, to joyously soar for a few weeks... and then falling, tumbling, dying, rotting... reborn once more."

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...But I'm searching, even though I can't move very much, and I'll find you. I will."
{excerpted from Ki's short story "To The Stars, July 2003}

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{GANDALF is speaking to FRODO:}

"...no, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain curtain of this world rolls back and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it: white shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise."

{final scene of 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy film, 'The Return of the King', released 2003}

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The films played internationally, Europe and Israel, returned their production costs ten times over, and had groundbreaking special effects, this scene features many of them. Frodo is the young hero battling various fantasy villains, we don't want him to die.

And he doesn't. Beyond the grey rain curtain.

"the journey doesn't end here."

We think rebirth is a powerful theme running through much of Ki's work, along with the destruction and death there is always a morsel of hope, somewhere... in her largest film sizes, the longest sheets of her workshop typing papers... hope.

I will find you. I will.