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when I grow up

Ki, 03 January 2008, posting about her Chanoeka presents:

...a VERY prestigious organization that runs several galleries and exhibits and publishes art books... one of the photobooks is SALLY MANN. It's called "Immediate Family" and it's AMAZING.  Sally Mann is one of my favorite photographers EVER and it turns out that the prestigious gallery PUBLSHES HER WORK.  So now I have one of her more controversial books ever because it has photos of her nude children.  It's BEAUTIFUL and it's powerful and I want to be able to shoot photos like that when I grow up.

and on January 28:  I plan to sell and exhibit my photography and thus raise awareness of human rights abuses and the poverty in Cambodia.

Sally Mann in a 1991 speech:  I have seldom shied away from photographing what was before me.  We are telling a story... of what it is to grow up.


Brad/Silverplate88:  -- the gallery for them both is Aperture, Ki had been in actual discussions with their Gallery Director about joining a youth exhibit of new work later that year, in New York.  This was seven years ago this week.

The CAPITALS in her LJ entry are in her original, shows a very excited artist!

In the summer and fall of 1991 Steven Cantor shot a film of Sally's work called "Blood Ties". Released in 1994 (Ki was five), DVD in 2011, of course Ki never got to see the DVD but she would have been fascinated with the kids' interviews and with Sally's creative process.   She did some photo series in 2003/04 of her own sister, who was then age 9; Sally' kids were 11, 9, and 6 in Cantor's film, which was also a first effort, nominated for a 1994 Oscar.

"What it is to grow up" -- one of Ki's pieces is at http://anna-rosenfeld.deviantart.com/art/the-discarded

Had she gone on location in Cambodia, she would have returned with shots of kids in the orphanage she would have worked in, and from the raw streets around there. Video footage as well. We were also planning an exhibit in my theatre in Texas.

Carrying your light forward... photos are timeless insights.

Photography literally means "writing with light."  Some bring lots of their light into their cameras before they ever post images out of it.

Like Kiota always did.

Blessings Be.