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rainbow hearts

Things We Said Today

you say you will love me
if I have to go
you'll be thinking of me
somehow I will know
someday when I'm lonely
wishing you weren't so far away
then I will remember
things we said today...
someday when we're dreaming
deep in love, not a lot to say
then we will remember
things we said today...

{Lennon/McCartney, early 1964}
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who we were
on 13 April 2008 we were 199 FriendsLocked, 464 Friends-Of, groups all assembled (and dis-assembled) by Kiota... International, too -- America, England, Near East, Australia, other countries... By 01 June 2008, which would turn out to be the month when Ki's original LJ was deleted and purged, there were 301 responses to her final post dated Saturday 12 April at 2300h... when Ki opened with the line:

"I think I'm going soon."

on 16 April 2016, right now, at 0312h my time, our Open Friends group is tiny by comparison, but many more page-visitors come by to read, to listen, to see who we are now.
Without commenting, that's fine --- privacy was paramount to Ki, it's why she FriendsLocked her LJ in the first place.

Your co-Mods have talked about privacy often.

things we said that day

{we've just labeled these with numbers. Those with full Journals, or AvidGamers transcripts, will know who the posters are.}

FR01 -- "You scared me to death, Ki. Please don't ever do that again. If not for yourself, for all of us. What would we do without you?" {2005-10-30}

FR02 -- "There were a few things she did that just demonstrated what a great person she was. She was ALWAYS unconditionally there for people who needed help... talking them out of suicide, out of taking their own lives... it's such a tragedy that she died. She may be gone, but the positive impact and change that she made in the lives of many won't be."

FR03 -- "Anna, you are one of the bravest people I have ever met in my life. Probably THE bravest. Certainly the very most precious. I'm catching up with this three hours after your crisis has started, so one way or another it's probably over. ... You know my cell number; call me?"

FR04 -- "'Til next time, Motek. Your eyes twinkle and you're smiling at me right now." {2008-04-16, Wednesday...}

FR05 -- "Just so you know, when we {at TeenHelp} talked with her Saturday night, she was at peace... she was very calm. We believe that she knew how much she was loved."

FR06 -- "I'm so sorry that no one was able to reach out to you in the way you needed. We all tried in our own ways..."

FR07 -- "I remember seeing hundreds, yes HUNDREDS, of people standing around... crying for the loss of Anna. I later found out that some of these people drove across the entire desert, some for seven hours, just to attend... they prayed for us. You really got a sense that every single one of those hundred people cared and wanted to make things easier for you. It was beautiful..." {2008-04-21, American family members at the interment in Israel}

FR08 -- "You are ageless. Ageless then, ageless now. You stopped your pain but not your love, nor your presences. Not ever."

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Ki should have the last words, then I'll contribute an image...

"I loved you.

If there is an afterlife, I still love you.

Let yourself mourn. Don't keep it all inside like I did. But let yourself get over it, too.

Just remember, I'm not suffering anymore." {2005-10-30, unsent note to her family}

two candles, one flame.

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