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what we also said


FR09 -- "I loved you and probably will until the day I die."

FR10 -- "...the fact that you're writing in here is pretty much showin it isn't right time because as long as there is a part of us that wants to be saved, there is a chance for us eh?"

FR11 -- "Please try to be safe... I do care about you {and} I think everyone in pain has some kind of way out that lets them keep on living, and it's just a matter of finding what it is... when it happens, everything makes a lot more sense and feels so much better."

{Ki, in her final posted reply in her entire LJ, said:
"...I'm really glad you were able to get better."}

FR12 -- "...think of it as birth. you have to be in tremendous pain, you have to really suffer, but at the end of it you get a sweet, pure, beautiful baby. That's what you're going through right now. Birth pains to deliver the new Anna --- sweet pure and beautiful."

FR13 -- "I think she's watching over all of us now."

<=> <=> <=> <=> <=>

{Brad, co-Mod:} Ki's career at TeenHelp started in 2001, age twelve, and predates the beginning of her original LJ. This last FR13 is one of the Moderator/Supervisors there, and from the Israeli ceremony, her life on TeenHelp looked like this:

"... she counseled and spoke to many troubled teens to try and help them out of their depressions...as far as I'm aware, this was news to her parents. They showed us Emails and letters they'd received from some of the people she'd met and helped online, sharing their sympathy and grief with them. Some even sent poems, which tugged at your heart strings and made you teary-eyed nearly effortlessly." {2008-04-21}

There was a TeenHelp counselor right there on campus at Evergreen, but there's no notation that says they had personal contact with one another beyond, possibly, their computers.

FR13 reached out to me and shared more details; she was based in the middle of the USA at the time:

"...I'll be completely honest here, Kiota was one of the scariest, most AMAZING people on the site. She helped out ... wow, countless people {internationally}... I was accepted onto staff when she was a Super-Moderator. She was not afraid to voice her own opinion, which unfortunately eventually resulted in her demotion to Mentor... she spoke her mind and was not afraid to disagree with the norm.

... Just so you know, Kiota was at peace Saturday night, so clear-headed. I hadn't seen her so peaceful in weeks.

Her last concern was to help someone after she had gone. She has a huge heart.

I think she's watching over all of us now."

<=> <=> <=> <=> <=>

And "now" wasn't just in April 2008 during those first few days of her new life.

"Now" has turned out to be permanent.